Interviews and Articles

Here is a list of articles that North Shore Metrics (or I Dave Rohrer) have either written or been featured in.

17 Content Marketing Trends on the Horizon for 2017
Date: 12/1/2016

Content marketers, take note: these strategies for 2017 should top your list of New Year’s resolutions.

Date: 10/21/2016

Onto the next session. Now this one was probably the best session I have ever been a part of—mainly because Dave Rohrer is a marketing genius.

Content Marketing Trends with Matt Siltala and Dave Rohrer
Date: 10/13/2016

Matt Siltala of Avalaunch Media and Dave Rohrer of North Side Metrics Discuss Content Marketing Trends at Pubcon Las Vegas 2016

The Right Time to Hire a Dedicated Marketing Professional
Date: Late 2016

When is it time to hire a professional to help your studio grow and expand?

Interview: Dave Rohrer
Date: Late 2016

In late 2016 I did an interview with on the good and bad of being able to work from home or anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

10 Entrepreneurs Share How They Use YouTube for Business
Date: Late 2016

With so many eyes on YouTube it’s foolish for entrepreneurs not to take advantage of the giant audience. We asked some entrepreneurs and business owners how they benefit from using YouTube.

Big companies aren’t big on SEO
Date: 7/18/2016

Many say it takes too long and costs too much to move up in natural search results on Google and Bing.

Enterprise Marketing Survey 2016: Search Marketing Results
Date: 6/23/2016

The study consisted of 500 respondents who work in a marketing role at companies with at least 500 employees. About half come from companies with 1000+ employees.

Hiring an SEO in 2016
Date: 2/20/2016

In an upcoming session during Pubcon SFIMA, I will be taking the stage with Peter Leshaw where we will be talking about “In-House SEO and Team Building”. During our hour we are going to cover a wide variety of topics, but the one I am going to focus in on today is interviewing.

SEO Trends 2016: 44 Experts On The Future Of Organic Search Success
Date: 12/9/2015

Like everyone that makes “predictions” on what the trends will be I had to go and read what I said last year just to see how far wrong or on the money I was. Verdict: not too shabby.

Tips on Networking at Pubcon Las Vegas 2015
Date: 9/16/2015

Tips for Surviving Pubcon Las Vegas - Google Hangout that I participated in around networking at conferences in general with many specifics for Pubcon Vegas.

SEO Trends 2015: 45 Experts On The Future Of Search
Date: 12/9/2014

What key trends will shape 2015 search engine optimization (SEO) strategies? Momentology reached out to 45 experienced SEO experts. Here are their insights into SEO trends and their predictions for 2015.