About NorthSide Metrics

So what do you want to know about our little agency?

NorthSide Metrics Humble Beginnings

It all started in a one room garage behind...who are we kidding? NorthSide Metrics was created to help me organize side projects into something real: a successful business.

NorthSide Metrics may have been founded in 2014, but its roots date back many years to the first website I created. In the early days, we focused on affiliate marketing, web development, and consulting. Over the years, as I spent more time helping others, our list of services evolved.

In early 2015, I left my 9-5 day job to focus all my attention on NorthSide Metrics.

Dave Rohrer Founder & President

Founder Dave Rohrer

Dave Rohrer aside from founding North Side Metrics is currently a Senior SEO Strategist at Covario, which provides SEO services to more than 60 Fortune 500 enterprises and Internet 1000 companies. Rohrer started his online career in 1999 as a Web Developer where he quickly gravitated towards SEO and online marketing. Prior to joining Covario, Rohrer spent 10 years in-house as an Online Marketing Manager and SEO Manager where he gained a deep understanding of how all facets of online marketing work together. Through the years, Rohrer has helped improve the ROI for Internet Retailer 500 and Fortune 500 companies in the media, insurance, electronics, automotive, financial services and consumer product verticals.