Pay Per Click

Are You Over Paying For Your Paid Traffic?

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Most business owners realize that pay per click (PPC) can drive revenue. But did you also know it can drive up costs if you don't take the right approach to setting up and managing your campaign?

Imagine this: if you over pay by 10 cents per click for 1,000 clicks per week, you just wasted $100. Over the course of a year, you are out more than $5,000. PPC account management can be detail oriented and time consuming. Let us take over the management process for you. This will give you the time you need for other areas of your business.

Our job is simple: to drive down your acquisition costs and increase revenue from your current PPC spend.

Pay Per Click Services

Get assistance with Google Pay Per Click, Omniture, and other platforms

  • Setups and Installation Audits
  • Deep Data Analysis
  • One on One or Group Trainings Available